How far in advance should I order my cake?
As soon as you’ve selected your baker. During peak seasons, smaller, more exclusive cake designers book up quickly and far in advance.

Why don’t you offer buttercream cakes?
Working with fondant is our specialty.   Fondant provides the perfect canvas to decorate in a variety of ways.  The choices are unlimited!

How many servings will I need?
The total number of servings depends on a variety of factors. Are you planning a sit down meal where the cake will be plated and served immediately following? Will you be serving the cake a little later in the evening? Are you serving the cake ‘buffet style’ where guests can help themselves? Will you be serving alcohol? The answers to all these questions will help determine just how many cake servings you will need. Your cake designer is the best person to help you figure it all out. No one wants to see good cake go to waste!

Do most people really save the top tier?
The choice to save the top tier is personal and it varies from bride to bride.  More often than not, brides are choosing to serve the top tier rather than save it.  There are no hard and fast rules, though.  If you decide to save your top tier for a later date, make sure to wrap it in aluminum foil first.  Then wrap it in plastic wrap numerous times, and seal in several freezer bags.  The cake can then be placed in the freezer.

Can my florist add natural flowers to my wedding cake?
We prefer that you ask your florist to allow us to place any natural flowers or greenery on your wedding cake.  Floral stems may be poisonous or unsanitary.  We ensure that the flowers are carefully arranged and placed on your cake without poking through your cake.  If a florist or other party damages your cake while attempting to decorate it with natural flowers, we cannot be held responsible.

Do you use shortening in your cakes or icings?
We are not fans of shortening!  Our cakes, fillings and buttercreams are always shortening free!

Do you offer vegan cakes and other baked goods?
YES!  Clara will be happy to bake you some of her favorite vegan cakes and cupcakes.

What should I do if my caterer includes a dessert with the meal?
Often times, caterers offer a dessert along with their menu.  You can try asking your caterer if you can substitute it with something else, perhaps an additional appetizer, for example.  If that is not an option, you might consider asking them for chocolate covered strawberries or fresh fruit.  Both of these can be plated alongside your sliced cake.

What is a groom’s cake?
Groom’s cakes are an homage to the groom and usually represent his likes or interests.  They are most often served at the wedding and displayed alongside the wedding cake.  We are also seeing Groom’s cakes being served the night before the wedding at rehearsal dinners.   The choice to have a Groom’s cake is entirely personal as there are no hard and fast rules. We are happy to create a groom’s cake for your wedding provided it accompanies your wedding cake order.

Do you offer sheetcakes?
We do not offer sheetcakes for events unless the main cake will not suffice and additional servings are needed.

Do you offer sytrofoam or fake cakes to rent?
We do not offer either of these.

Can you color the fondant to match my…?
We can tint the fondant on your cake to match a fabric swatch or other sample.  It’s pretty spot on,  but it may not be EXACT.  We are talking about sugar after all!

How do I find a cake designer?
Visit the internet or ask your friends for referrals. Once you’ve chosen a designer that interests you, call to schedule an appointment for a tasting. This is your opportunity to taste the cakes and get to know your baker.

Be prepared to bring sketches, photos of cakes, dresses, invitation samples, color and fabric swatches, floral designs, or just about anything that inspires you. This will be key to helping your cake designer realize your vision. Not sure what you want? A talented and experienced cake designer can help you pull your ideas together and create something unique just for you.

Cakes vary in price depending on how simple or how elaborate the design. It is helpful to set a budget and make sure to share it with your cake designer.

Once you have made your decision, it is best to book your order as soon as possible. If you wait, your date may no longer be available, especially during peak bridal season. A signed contract and a deposit is typical. Make sure to carefully read and review your contract prior to signing.