Cookies and Cupcakes

Today I had the pleasure of creating a new cupcake flavor for the staff at Washingtonian’s Bride and Groom Magazine.   I made lightly flavored mocha cupcakes, covered them in toffee ganache,  and topped them with Mocha Italian Merengue Buttercream.  A coffee praline bean covered in chocolate adorned the top peak of each cupcake.  What to call this new creation?  Why, ‘The Washingtonian’, of course!

Along with the cupcakes, I made some custom designed cookies sporting the new cover of the upcoming issue of Bride and Groom.  Each cookie was hand painted with gold accents.   I hope the staff enjoyed the goodies.   I may have just found a great group of future taste testers!  Thank you Jill and Vanessa!


Cake Reads

As an avid collector of cake related books, I am constantly researching, buying and reading everything I can get my hands on. In some cases, the material is repetitive, in others, it is original and fresh. This month, I have added four new books to my collection. The first is Rose Levy Beranbaum’s new ‘Rose’s Heavenly Cakes’. Author of ‘The Cake Bible’, Rose is considered a scientist, baker, decorator and all around cake Goddess. I use The Cake Bible religiously (no pun intended).  I have memorized the exact weight of a large egg, a sifted cup of cake flour versus a spooned cup of cake flour, and the trick to removing those pesky skins from hazelnuts. This new addition to my collection is beautifully crafted, full of colorful photographs and very detailed instructions (something we all love about our dear Rose). I absolutely adore this new book and know it will serve me well, just like it’s predecessor.

I also enjoyed numerous recipes from ‘Sky High: Irresistible Triple Layer Cakes’ by Alisa Huntsman, Peter Wynne, and Tina Rupp. There are a variety of interesting recipes that call for mainstream ingredients, with a few exceptions. I tried a chocolate cake made with dark honey. While this isn’t a cake that would appeal to the masses, it was particularly interesting to me.  This afternoon I baked a total of five cakes from this book.   Yes, folks, this is how I spent my only day off, baking 15 layers of cake for no reason whatsoever.  I must say I was delighted with the results.  This is one of my new favorites!

‘The Art of the Cake: Modern French Baking and Decorating’ by Bruce Healy was recommended to me by my friend Beryl of Just Fabulous Pastries. I haven’t had much time to read through this title yet, but I can tell you that it’s definitely chock full of recipes for traditional French desserts. The book is quite extensive and goes into great detail. I can’t wait to dive into this book and give some of these recipes a try.

‘Desserts by Pierre Herme’ by Pierre Herme and Dorie Greenspan is a book I’ve been waiting to get my hands on for some time. While these desserts are not your typical cakes, learning to master these recipes is quite a feat. Yet another ‘to do’ on my list of countless recipes I must try out!


These books are available from

All about WEtv's Wedding Cake Wars Competition

After the airing of the recent WEtv Wedding Cake Wars Cake Competition, I am so flattered to have such an outpouring of love and support from so many people. I am humbled by the compliments and best of all, just who it was that took the time to contact me. I am in awe. I’m a self taught cake decorator who decided one day to do what she knew best. I started baking, which brought me great comfort, since it was something I’d been doing since the age of six. One thing lead to another and viola!, here I am now, on a cake competition!

First things first, I needed an assistant. I lucked out when Minette Rushing recommended Kerry O’Connor from Savannah, GA, a talented cake decorator in her own right. Kerry was an absolute pleasure to work with. We worked quickly, efficiently and stuck to our plan which went off without a single hitch. We had only met for the first time a week earlier, yet we moved through the process with great ease and comfort.

Here are a few things that weren’t made clear during the show. One of the requirements of the competition was to have at least one moving part on the cake. We had three – a turntable that spun around in the center of the bottom tier, pearl strands all made from sugar that hung along the edge of the second tier, and the petals on the flowers. If you saw the cake spinning around and it didn’t make sense, now you know why. The only non-edible items allowed on (or in) the cake were the support system and the moving parts. All contestants were required to use real cakes, filling, and icing to assemble their cakes. Most disposed of their cakes at the end of the competition. Our cake weighed about 120 lbs.!

On the first day, we had two hours to carve, fill, ice, cover with fondant and then assemble our cakes. The second day, we were allowed five hours to decorate and complete our designs.

This is the first day of the competition.  We’ve just covered and stacked our cakes but discovered that the table wasn’t level and it threw the entire cake off balance!  Here we are ‘jerry-rigging’ it. 

I thought it might be too challenging to work with cameras all around us in addition to the judges watching over our shoulders, but that was not the case at all. Both Kerry and I were very comfortable and at ease even though the pressure was definitely on.

We were very relaxed despite working at a feverish pace. It’s amazing what one’s adrenaline can do when it kicks in. We were wearing microphones the entire time and just praying we wouldn’t say anything we might regret later on. I heard the ‘bleeping’ when I watched the show and I was just glad it didn’t come from me!

Kerry and I were the first team to finish our cake before the five hour deadline.  Towards the end, we had to decide on what design elements we could complete in the time that was left.  We had to compromise on certain things in order to complete others.  I would have done numerous things differently, but then again, hindsight is 20/20, right?  In the end, we did finish first, had a neat and cohesive cake (all things considered), and our work tables were clean.  We were able to finally sit back and put our feet up until they began the judging process.  We had buckets of icing beneath the tables which doubled as foot rests!

My design was inspired by Marie Antoinette who had lived in the Palace of Versailles.  The clue was in the phrase ‘Let them eat cake!’ written on a scroll on the front of the cake.  You can see by my awful handwriting that I was spent!  We had slept a total of 4 hours the night before, and not much more in the three nights prior to that.  I have no clue how we made it through that week.

Myself, Jason Ellis and Kerry O’Connor.  I’ve always been a huge fan of Jason since I saw him for the first time competing on a Food Network Challenge.  He is such a cool, cute and overall adorable guy!  Oh, and he’s quite the talented cake artist extraordinaire, too!  Jason is the owner of Jay’s Cake Couture in Glen Cove, New York.  Jason was very interactive with the competitors and gave great tips on how to work through the process in spite of the ticking clock.  He was so upbeat and outgoing.  As soon as the winners were announced, Jay made a b-line for our table and made it a point to let us know he really fought for our cake to place.  He was out voted by the other two judges, Colette Peters of Colette’s Cakes in New York City, and Jill Hudson Neal, editor of Washingtonian’s new Bride and Groom Magazine.  We really appreciated that, Jason, and want you to know how much your support meant to both Kerry and I.  We didn’t have an opportunity to chat with Jill Hudson Neal, but Colette did give us great feedback that helped us understand how the judges came to make their decisions so that going forward we”d know what to, and not to, do again.

Here’s a group shot of some of us, including the host of the event, Ron Ben-Israel of cake decorating fame!  Ron is the owner of Ron Ben-Israel Cakes in New York City,  and is known for his amazing cake designs.  A former ballet dancer, Ron is constantly setting trends with his flawless work.  Wouldn’t we all love to know how he does it?  I know I would!  Alas, he only hires interns from pastry school, mainly the French Culinary Institute, so he can teach them his techniques from the very beginning.  He will not hire anyone who has any cake decorating experience, no matter how good they are.  He shared this information during a class I took with him last year.   Darn, Ron!  That’s cold!  How am I ever going to learn your secrets now?  Joking aside, Ron Ben-Israel has an amazing sense of humor.  He’s hysterical!  During the class I took with him, he had us in stiches the entire time.  He was just as entertaining during the competition.

The best moment for me came at the end of the competition when Ron Ben-Israel approached Kerry and I and told us that he liked our cake best and why would have made it a winning cake had he been a judge. This is not to take away from the winners. It was his personal opinion and he knew it would matter to us. Regardless of the outcome, Kerry and I left there with the best reward ever – a major nod from the Cake God himself. Hmmm, I wonder if he tells all the girls that? Either way, thank you, Ron. We loved hearing that from you.

Here’s a great pic of my cake taken by my friend Lidia Miller of Lidia Miller Photography.  If not for her, I’d have none of the photos you see here!  I think the cake looks stunning in this photograph!  The flowers were all hand made of sugar, petal by petal, as were the leaves.  The mirrors and the framed pictures were representative of the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ in the Palace of Versailles.  These, too, were all edible and hand painted by Kerry, who, lucky for me,  has a degree in fine art.  Oh, and she’s a pastry chef, too, a graduate of the French Culinary Institute.  Did I mention she’s a very talented cake designer?  See more of Kerry’s work at

People keep asking me what inspired me, and here’s the answer: my cake was a tribute to Marie Antoinette and women with attitude!

Many thanks to all of you who have written me and called me, some familiar and others complete strangers.  I really appreciate your compliments and well wishes.  I have so much to be grateful for, I must admit.  Starting with my family who supports everything I do, no matter what that may be, to my closest friends, an amazing group of strong, independent and courageous women who love me and accept me no matter what (even when I don’t feel like making cakes for any of them on my days off!). 

I often hear from people that they’d love to learn to make and decorate cakes. I always tell them, ‘If I can do it, you can do it too.’

WEtv's Wedding Cake Wars Challenge airs Tonight!

In early May, twelve cake decorators of varying experience levels gathered in Maryland to compete in WEtv’s first ever ‘Wedding Cake Wars‘ competition. I was very fortunate to be invited to participate. I needed an assistant and contacted Minette Rushing of Savannah Custom Cakes in  Savannah, GA. She wasn’t available to attend due to a prior commitment and recommended her top pick for the job, a lovely and talented young woman named Kerry O’Connor. Kerry is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute in New York where she studied under some of the finest pastry chefs in the country, and a very talented cake decorator in her own right! She graciously agreed to come to Maryland and work alongside me in my first cake competition. Last month, Kerry was a lead competitor on an upcoming Food Network Cake Challenge.

With Jason Ellis (one of three judges) and Kerry O'Connor

With Jason Ellis (one of three judges) and Kerry O'Connor

We would not know the theme of the competition until 72 hours prior to the event. Kerry spent 10 days total in Maryland and for most of that time, we were just brain storming, clueless as to what kind of cake we’d end up making. It is rather daunting to come up with a design when you have no idea what the theme is going to be. This was really the most difficult part of the competition. We didn’t know what supplies we’d need, which can be rather concerning since many cake decorating supplies aren’t available locally.

The day of the challenge, we were exhausted and had not slept but more than 5 hours on any given night since Kerry had first arrived. Despite that, we were operating on sheer adrenaline, working very quickly and well together. We had a few slight bumps along the way, but nothing that might not happen normally.   During the two days of the competition, it rained heavily and the humidity level was extremely high.  These are a cake decorators two worst enemies.   All things considered, things went smoothly for us and we were the first team to finish our design before the clock ran out. Considering Kerry and I had only known each other for seven days by the time the competition started, I think we did a great job together and we are both very proud of the work we did.

I really want to thank my family and friends who supported me throughout this process.  Believe me when I tell you the stress level is really high and I must admit, it couldn’t have been fun for any of them.  First and foremost, my husband for encouraging and supporting all my many endeavors, Kerry O’Connor who hopped on a plane to MD having never met me before, my best friends, Sherry Gold, Lidia Miller and Lameeka Edwards for their never ending love and support. Additionally, I really appreciated the opportunity to meet, and get to know, some really talented cake artists who may have been my competitors but who I can now call friends.

With Lameeka Edwards and Sherry Gold (Lidia is taking the photo).

With Lameeka Edwards and Sherry Gold (Lidia is taking the photo).

I can’t give away anything more, but stay tuned to WEtv to watch the outcome of the competition. The show airs tonight on WEtv at 10pm|9c.

Visit WEtv’s Wedding Cake Wars site for additional coverage and photos.

Have you tried eating an Elvis??

Cakelove’s newest cupcake flavor is the ‘Elvis’, a wonderful concoction of my favorite things, and my new Cakelove favorite. The Elvis is a banana cupcake topped with peanut butter Italian Meringue Buttercream, and a dab of chocolate ganache over that. The combination is absolutely delicious. A lover of cake, I couldn’t resist trying one while I was shopping at Tyson’s Corner yesterday afternoon. I highly recommend this cupcake to anyone and everyone who likes Elvis’s favorite flavors.

As I am writing this, I am remembering all the different occasions during which I’ve sampled Elvis’s favorite foods. In Memphis, I ate at the now defunct ‘Elvis Presley’s Memphis’ restaurant. I ordered Elvis’ all-time favorite, the Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich. The restaurant used the original recipe, preparing the sandwich by spreading Texas toast with rich peanut butter and fresh sliced bananas, then brushing the bread with butter and grilling it to perfection.

Cakelove’s new ‘Elvis’ cupcake from their location in Tyson’s Corner I Mall eatery. Sorry for less than stellar iphone pic.

‘The Elvis’ sandwich from New York City’s ‘Peanut Butter & Co.’ in SoHo is described on the menu as “A grilled peanut Butter sandwich, stuffed with bananas and honey. Try it with bacon for that extra indulgence. Long live the King!”.

We met Mike Myers while eating there one night. It was fun and exciting, both meeting a comedian of that caliber and eating such a delicious sandwich. It would be hard to pick between the two. BTW, at this establishment, the sandwich is served with chips and carrots sliced lengthwise. Good luck finding a table on any given night. Photo:

Just Fab and More! (Warning: Long Post!)

I admit it. I am a self proclaimed cake and online junkie. I love nothing more than to spend my free time online, looking at cakes or following trends. For the past few months, I’ve been admiring the work of a very gifted, multi-talented cake artist and all-around pastry guru named Beryl Ann Byrd, owner of Just Fabulous Pastries in San Diego, CA. Unfortunately, after 20+ years in business, Just Fabulous Pastries closed their doors last fall. Luckily, Beryl’s talent and eye for all things beautiful, continues to flourish.

Photo: Beryl Ann Byrd

And a SUGR DVA she most certainly is! Beryl’s accolades are quite impressive. She has competed in several Food Network Cake Challenges and she has been featured on Warren Brown’s show, ‘Sugar Rush’. Her cakes have appeared in countless magazine pages, platinum weddings, and all kinds of major events. She was invited to participate in New York City’s ‘Cakewalk’ at Grand Central Station in New York City, along with the country’s top cake decorators. The show featured an impressive number of amazing cakes of varied designs and styles from the ‘who’s who’ of the cake world. She is also an amazing photographer, chronicling her day to day life in an online photo journal on I could go on and on about her talent, but I wouldn’t have enough time or room to fit it all here.

Imagine my delight when Beryl accepted my invitation to visit Maryland for four days of nothing but cake talk and private instruction. She was so generous with her instruction, sharing her personal recipes with me and introducing me to a new, broader understanding of ‘cake styling’ and ‘pastry art’. I was so impressed with her knowledge and skill. “How lucky and I?”, I kept thinking to myself, holding back my cheesy grin so she wouldn’t think I was a complete dork. “She’s right here, in my very own kitchen”, I thought, “and I have her ALL to myself!”.

With great patience and skill, Beryl was an open book, a wealth of information and experience all for my taking. I watched her whip up delectable edibles from scratch with great ease. It is all second nature to her! I was so greatly impressed that it is hard to put into words exactly how I felt! We covered so much in those four days, that I didn’t want her to leave! With any luck, I might just lure her to Maryland somehow and she can teach me some more of those mad skills she possesses. Here are a few samples of Beryl’s beautiful cakes and some pics we took during her four day visit. Believe me when I tell you that these cakes don’t even touch the surface when it comes to showcasing Beryl’s talent and mastery of cake and pastry art. She is quite a dessert designer!

I love the colors on this cake – bold and beautiful, not to mention, perfectly executed. Photo: Beryl Ann Byrd

Versace patterns adorn this FABULOUS cake. One of my favorites! Photo: Beryl Ann Byrd

A stylish cake for a young fashionista’s Sweet 16 birthday celebration. Everything a young lady could hope for! What’s not to love? Photo: Beryl Ann Byrd

Beryl, myself and my friend Sherry. Here we are after we finished learning how to make Beryl’s famous, and VERY GLAM, cookies. What better way to celebrate our success than to toast to the guest of honor, and our beautiful edible masterpieces. Photo: Beryl Ann Byrd


I wanted to make sure that Beryl tasted some of our local cake fare while she was here in Maryland. That task would not be complete without a required stop at Georgetown Cupcake, which we both enjoyed very much! I personally recommend the Key Lime and the Chocolate Banana. The Apple Caramel and the Coconut cupcakes didn’t even come close. Photo: Beryl Ann Byrd

During Beryl’s visit, I kept my schedule clear, but the phone has a life of it’s own so I found myself having to conduct business throughout her visit regardless. Beryl snuck this photo in which I didn’t see until I visited her flickr page! Here’s what she wrote:

i’m pretty sure that if you look up “renaissance woman” in the dictionary, clara’s picture will be there. she is living proof that there really is a Superwoman.

mom, wife, business owner , creative director, advertising executive, building contractor, tile layer, dry wall guy, antique restorer, bff, thoughtful hostess, travel guide and on and on.

how does she do it, you might ask? how are there enough hours in the day to accomplish all these things. quite simply, she doesn’t sleep. while we mere mortals are snoozing away our 200 odd hours per month, clara is wide awake, working on the next day’s agenda.

personally, i think she would appreciate a bit more sleep but, as any good Superwoman will tell you, you just deal with it. no shortcuts, no compromises.

and that’s my friend Clara in a nutshell. long story short.

Photo: Beryl Ann Byrd

Here’s another photograph of me taken by Beryl, this time posing affectionately next to my prized jukebox.  I really love what she does with texture and color. This jukebox is one of my most prized possessions. It was a first anniversary gift from my husband. I found this jukebox stashed away under a staircase in the warehouse of a man who repairs rare instruments.  He wanted to restore it and keep it for himself even though he already had one.  It took me awhile, but I finally convinced him to sell it to me.  She was complete with all original parts, but needed much TLC and someone to pay $5K to take her home. I knew from the moment I saw her that we were meant to be together! I set out to learn everything I could about jukeboxes.  I then took her apart, screw by screw, photographing each step.  Over the next four months , and working on her 12 or more hours a day, 7 days a week, I restored her to all her original glory.  She is a fully functioning 1015 Wullitzer Jukebox, commonly referred to as the ‘bubbler’, manufactured in 1946. As I told Beryl, it just goes to show that ‘with a little love, elbow grease and patience, anything is possible.’ Photo: Beryl Ann Byrd

Here is Beryl’s pic of herself next to the jukebox. In case you were wondering, no, I don’t have 50’s diner decor in my home. That’s another one of Beryl’s cool photo tricks! Too bad her head doesn’t appear in this picture.  The expression on her face when she was posing for this photo was really funny! Photo: Beryl Ann Byrd

Thank you Beryl for four days of great fun, tons of sharing and many laughs. I can’t wait until you’re back in my neck of the woods (hint, hint…no pressure)!
SugrDva on flickr

How Swank is Swank Cake Design?

VERY! What better way to meet new and interesting, not to mention talented, cake designers than by calling them up and telling them you’d like to work with them. That’s how I met Wayne Steinkopf and Chuck Hamilton from Swank Cake Design in Carey, NC. I had seen their website and admired their beautiful, flawless cakes on more than one occasion. I finally just picked up the phone and gave them a call. My friend Sherry and I hopped in her snazzy, sleek sports car and headed south.

Wayne Steinkopf Meeting Wayne and Chuck was easy and comfortable. Both were warm, sweet, kind and welcoming. Best of all, Sherry and I learned so much and laughed a ton in the process.

Swank Cake Design’s immaculate and highly organized kitchen is filled with natural light that floods the room from a wall-to-ceiling window. What a great work space! Wayne is the main decorator and Chuck handles the business end. Wayne ices a cake like ‘nobody’s business’, a talent not all of us possess, at least not to his level of perfection. His work is very neat and clean, something I strive for in my own work and admire greatly in other people’s work. We worked on numerous techniques, Wayne exuding the patience of a Saint. Chuck was also funny and just as patient with us as well, tolerating our music preferences as we worked to the sounds of 80’s, 90’s (and best of all), 70’s disco hits! Swank Cake Design also has a beautiful showroom at a separate location that is home to their gorgeous collection of showpiece cakes. The showroom is the perfect environment to meet with clients and help them create masterful, unique designs, as well as provide sample tastings of their delicious cakes. I highly recommend the lemon poppyseed cake!

My goodness! Wayne iced this square cake in 90 seconds. It’s absolutely perfect!

This retro record player is so perfectly executed. I love the work that both Wayne and Chuck did on this cake. I think Chuck is in denial about his cake decorating abilities, LOL. He made the record out of poured sugar.

I encourage everyone, regardless of the kind of business you are in, to seek out your peers and learn from them – but also share what you know. It makes for a good time, great camaradarie, and lasting bonds between like minded people you will most certainly come to call ‘friends’.

Wayne recently participated in TLC’s new ‘Ultimate Cake Off’ competition. The show hasn’t aired yet, but my DVR is ready and waiting! Stay tuned to for a chance to see Wayne in action as he assists Ashley Vicos compete for the $10,000 grand prize.

Thank you Wayne and Chuck for a wonderful weekend, the laughs and the lessons. I appreciate you both and look forward to our upcoming project together! I’m very excited and simply can’t wait!

Swank Cake Design

And the Winner is…

Amy and Court of Fredericksburg, Virginia were the lucky winners of the free wedding cake giveaway! We received over 100 emails during the course of two weeks, all vying for the opportunity to win a free cake. There were so many moving and touching stories, making it very difficult for us to pick only one winner. The final decision was a matter of location, timing, number of servings, and of course, a great story.

Amy and Court had dated for nine years, that alone making them worthy of something special. Just days before the story aired about the free cake, Amy was informed that her baker would not be making her wedding cake because she had design limitations. Amy wasn’t particular and preferred simple designs. Her baker said she could only do one type of piping on the cake and left Amy stranded. I asked Amy what she liked in terms of a cake design and she said she would be happy with whatever I chose to do and trusted my judgement. She also shared with me her color palate which was ivory, champagne, and pink. I had alot of work to do that day, so I didn’t even get to her cake until 6pm. I must admit that I had no idea what I was going to do. I normally put together a sketch, but this time, I just started working on it without a specific plan or design in mind. I started at the bottom and worked my way up, not really sure what I’d be doing next. It took a total of 8 hours to complete the cake, but at 2am, the cake was finished and, at least to me, it looked fabulous!

The wedding is taking place today, and I can only imagine that both bride and groom are in the process of ‘glaming’ themselves up for their big event at this very moment. I wish Amy and Court a wonderful wedding celebration and many years of marital bliss! I also want to thank everyone who wrote in to share their triumphs and their tribulations with me. I wish I had a cake for each and every one of you.



Our Cake in 'I Do For Brides' Magazine

Check out one of our beautiful wedding cakes in the Summer 2009 edition of ‘I Do For Brides’ magazine. Early this year I had the honor of making a very beautiful cake for a very beautiful couple, Lizzie and Kaitan. They were married at the U.S. Naval Academy Chapel in Annapolis, MD. The reception was held at Lowes Annapolis Hotel where the main ballroom was transformed into a very glamorous setting for the invited guests. Lizzie didn’t have much time to decide on her cake and wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted but we worked together to create a unique, one of a kind design. Using the pattern on the flower girl’s dress, I had a custom stencil made to match. The design was transferred to the cake to match not only the design, but also the colors. Fresh flowers topped the four tier cake.

Best of all, Lizzie’s grandfather flew down with a very special family heirloom, a wedding cake topper that had been in the family since the late 1800’s and used at every family wedding since. It was made of royal icing and tulle, very delicate and fragile, vintage and beautiful. I was afraid to place it on the top of the cake without securing it somehow, but I also didn’t want to damage it. I placed it on the table next to the cake instead, where it adorned the table and represented many years of happy marriages in the bride’s family.

In addition to the wedding cake, Kaitan had very specific plans for his groom’s cake. He wanted to showcase his admiration for two of his favorite basketball teams. What a pleasure to work with this wonderful couple. I wish them much happiness in their life together and thank them for the pleasure of allowing me to partake in their most special day.

I_DO_page 1

“The wedding cake was one of the most pleasant surprises in planning and the day of the wedding,” Lizzie explains. After Kaitan found the baker, Lizzie had trouble deciding on the look. Finally it was her baker Clara Gold who made the executive decision and decided to use the wedding colors and a custom stencil of the pattern from the flower girl’s dresses. ‘I also had a wedding bell created out of sugar that mimicked the lace that has been in my family since 1895. Clara made sure it matched and was displayed well with the cake,” says Lzzie.

I_DO_page 2

Beach Themed Cake

I love making cakes that are non-standard, especially when they’re colorful and fun. This weekend I made a beach themed cake for a couple celebrating their first wedding anniversary. The husband’s parents were also celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Both couples loved the beach and spent a lot of time there, so it was the perfect theme for the cake. They requested waves and palm trees as well as varying shades of blue on each tier. I added a few little personal, humorous touches to the cake (and hoped they wouldn’t mind).

Everything on the cake was edible, from the shells to the beach chairs. I added a beach bag and flip flops for the gals, and for the guys, a little bottle of sun tan oil and a book titled ‘Yes Dear for Dummies’. Luckily the clients loved it and appreciated the humor – both husband and wife!