When I’m not driving my coach, I’ve got my hands in one cake project or another. It’s fun to have creative freedom when doing what you love. Here are some of my latest creations.

This was such a fun cake! I took these photos with my iPhone so they’re not great. Can’t wait to see the photographer’s version. This boombox cake was a surprise for both the bride and groom. The bride wanted a groom’s cake that would pay homage to the ’90s. She placed her trust in me to come up with the design. She left the choice of the cake to me. I narrowed my choices down to an Atari console or a boombox. The console cake has been done often, but rarely have I seen a detailed boombox cake. I commend the bride for ordering a cake and having no idea what she’d be getting. Brave, I say. Very brave!


Everything on this cake was entirely edible, as it should be when it comes to cakes. You can catch a glimpse of the fuschia and white wedding cake in the background. That was lovely, too, but I suspect the boombox cake stole the show.


Here’s a surprise cake I made for my brother. It’s a replica of his beloved military truck. It’s the latest addition to his man toy collection. As a joke, I added the ‘I love my sister’ bumper sticker 🙂

danny truck front

Below is a pic of his actual truck without the tarp in the rear.

DannysTruck profile

Here’s the cake version, only with the tarp in place since this is where the bulk of the cake was. My brother has been wanting to trek his truck through the mud (boys!) so I decided to make it look that way. What you can’t see in the photo are the mud tracks on the board.




This was one of the most difficult cakes I’ve ever made to date. Seeing the look on my brother’s face was priceless! Well worth the long hours and every single curse word I used throughout the process.


This is what a ragged, sleep deprived baker looks like at 2:00am with hours of work still left to go. Many thanks to my friend Lidia Miller, a very talented photographer, who always makes time for me! I am forever grateful to her photographing the difficult task of working on a cake in a hotel room at two 2:00am with limited supplies and hands. I love you, my friend. Thanks for being there for me.