The KC Cakefest was quite the event. A cake festival like no other, it was a breath of fresh air. Unlike the rigidly managed and controlled events hosted by ICES every year, the KC Cakefest was open and, simply put, FUN! Among many ongoing scheduled events throughout the weekend, there were two major cake competitions. Each competition featured four teams made up of four decorators, one lead and three assistants. For the past two years, the theme of the competition has been ‘Kansas City: Past, Present and Future’. Rather than go on and on about it, here are some of the amazing cakes that were created before a crowd of over 1000 spectators at the Kansas City Convention Center. Oh, and for the sake of getting a real glimpse at the fun, I’ve added a few extra behind the scene pics!

Saturday’s Competitors:

Team Charity

Team Eric (Yay! I was so lucky to be a part of this team!)

Team Debbie

Team Pat (and the winner of Saturday’s Challenge).

Sunday’s Competitors:

Team Anna (Anna Echols’ team came together the night before the competition. Even as a last minute venture, her team did an amazing job. While you can’t see it in this photo, her cake had different elements that paid homage to each and every cake designer in the competition, even me!)

Team Bob (Bob Brougham was the winner of Sunday’s Challenge)

Team Wayne (I have serious love for my boys Wayne and Chuck)

Team Peggy

And for some behind the scenes fun…

Cake Decorators Gone Wild! No, not really, lol. We were riding the party bus back to our hotel after a fabulous dinner compliments of Carey.  From left to right:  Debbie Goard, Becky Rink, Peggy Tucker, Wayne Steinkopf, Chuck Hamilton, Michelle Boyd, Chris Hirniesen, Carey Iennaccaro and Mike Elder.

The beautiful Elizabeth Wheeler and I enjoying ourselves at the Celebrity Chef Party hosted by The Whole Person.

Long lines waited to fill these 1000 seats each day.

Hot Rod Huey and Mike Elder designed this unique Grand Prize Trophy.

Carey putting some last minute touches on the edible race car before it hit the streets of downtown Kansas City to be put to the test.

Wayne and James chillin’ out before the competition. Yes, that’s right. Our entire team started the competition with a drink in hand. Did I mention the KC Cakefest is FUN?

The crowd devoured the delicious race car!

Hanging out in the Green Room with the boys from the band and enjoying the gifts left to us by the Bacardi sponsor.

Eric Woller, great sport that he always is, volunteered to let us sling cupcakes at him to raise money for charity. I chose to sling all the hot pink cupcakes at him.

The charming Chris Hedlund and Patty Woller ramping up for the competition.

Jay Qualls and I in the ‘war room’. Jay competed in these shoes, then auctioned them off to the highest bidder. The money was donated to the charity.

Chuck hard at work on his Steam Punk Time Machine in the ‘war room’, prepping for the competition.

Carey in her edible race hat getting ready to race the car cake along the streets of downtown Kansas City. She set the record at 28 miles an hour.

Here are some of the cakes featured at the show.

Just like Dorothy, Bob’s red shoes worked their magic and Bob won the competition on Sunday.

True champion that she is, Anna was asked only hours before the competition, to pull together a team and compete in Sunday’s challenge. She and her makeshift team pulled it off and I was VERY impressed!

At the end of the day we sat and relaxed, finally able to unwind and catch our breath. From left to right: Patty Woller, myself, Leigh Grode and Eric Woller.

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