For those of you who don’t speak Italian, Io Amo means ‘I love’ and Un Amore means ‘A Love’. Un Amore is also the name of a little gem of a business that I recently discovered. I have been drooling over these beautiful and very masterful creations for some time. I couldn’t resist showcasing these pieces of ‘working art’.

Meet Nicole (Nick) Dinardo, Artist Extraordinaire

Nick Dinardo can turn your ordinary KitchenAid mixer into a unique work of art. From retro-chic to custom labeling, Nick’s work boldly stands out.

I was so excited when KitchenAid began to manufacture their stand mixers in a variety of colors. Their extensive color palate was so new and fresh. They were most welcomed by those of us who work with these appliances day in and day out and for those home cooks who love nothing more than a splash of color where it is least expected. What could make it even better? Well, once you see Nick’s handiwork, you’ll see what I am going on and on about. It’s best to just show you rather than try to explain as my meager description simply cannot do her work any justice. Here are but a few samples of an amazing combination of original colors and designs that come together beautifully.




If you thought THAT was impressive, check out Nick’s other items. These include beautiful aprons, handbags, handmade invitations and custom painted guitars and cases! To order your custom made, one of a kind mixer (that will surely make you feel like the King or Queen of your culinary domain), visit Un Amore’s website. If you are a Facebook diehard like me, you’ll find Un Amore here.

Those of you in my debt who want to repay me with a really, really nice gift now know what to get and where to get it!

Photos courtesy of Un Amore.