My friend Sherry recently celebrated her *cough.50th.cough* birthday. Her husband Gary asked me to make the cake for her big celebration party. Interestingly enough, Sherry and I share the same last name. We are both married to ‘Gold’ men, although they are not related. Sherry is also a cake designer. Needless to say, I had to make her something special!

My friend Sherry is a major Parrot Head. She has a beautiful Margaritaville themed bar in her home. It’s a sight to see, too. The only thing missing is Jimmy Buffet. She is also a Twilight fan, and an admirer of all beautiful things, like Robert Pattinson. Did I just say that? Anyone that knows me knows I’m a fan. What does this have to do with anything? It has everything to do with designing a cake that represents one of my closest friends. With her husband’s encouragement and blessing, I added a few ‘special’ touches to the cake.

The figure on the top of the cake is supposed to be Sherry, but in real life, Sherry is far slimmer and a great deal prettier. I asked her not to hold it against when I surprised her with the cake. I’ve never sculpted a large figure like that. I was worried. I couldn’t possibly do her justice. I don’t think I did, but given that she loves me, she was very forgiving and appreciative! The figure is made of cake and lots of chocolate, all covered in fondant. The bottom tier of the cake was adorned with various things, from a drunken parrot with a bottle of tequila and a margarita glass, to a saucy photo of Rob Pattinson in his underwear – all made of sugar and entirely edible. The margarita glasses were real, filled with fondant and the rims adorned with sugar.

While the cake may have drawn attention, the highlight of the evening was the birthday girl. The party was amazing. No luxury or expense was spared. Guests were treated to a casino, lobster clam bake, live band, beautiful tented seating and more love than Cupid can muster on any given day. At one point, a conga line started in front of the band and ended up with the participants jumping in the pool. What an amazing party! You could feel the magic in the air as family and friends came together to dance, sing and celebrate my friend. It was perfect, just like her.

In case you are wondering what a ‘Rob Manip’ is, well, it’s a photograph of Rob Pattinson attached to someone else’s body. If you have a sense of humor, I recommend visiting RobNipulations, creators of the photo used on the cake.

(Left to right) The cake, Me and Sherry.

I wanted to give Sherry something tangible that would remain long after the cake had been eaten. I bought her the new Eclipse Edward (life-size) cut out. You know, for those long nights when she’s working and wants some company. Or motivation. Whatever. It works. I know because I bought one for myself. I also made her an edible mini version of the same and placed it on her cake (see pic above).

Edward. He does the body good. Available at

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