I know more cake decorators than I ever imagined I’d ever meet in a lifetime. I’ve seen many cakes…the good, the bad and the very ugly. There are some VERY talented people out there making cakes that are more works of art than they are desserts. There are a few that stand in a class all their own. One such cake designer is Debbie Goard, owner of Debbie Does Cakes, based in San Francisco.

The first time I saw one of Debbie’s cakes, I was mesmerized. I honestly couldn’t believe it was a cake. I’d never seen anything so detailed before. I remember rushing to show it to my husband and he was just as awed as I was. To date, her sculpted cakes top my ‘best of’ list. This is first of Debbie’s cakes that caught my attention:

My mouth dropped open when I first saw this Buzz Lightyear cake. It’s extraordinary!

When I thought about writing this post, I intended to showcase the work of some of my favorite cake designers, however, as I looked through Debbie’s work, I couldn’t limit myself to only a few of her cakes! I decided that in order to do her work justice, it would best to dedicate an entire post to show you exactly what makes her cakes stand out from all the rest. Rather than go into exactly why I am such a fan, I would prefer to just show you, as they obviously speak for themselves.

This Golden Dragon was designed as a cake topper. The detail is amazing!


‘Beautiful cake this is.’ Nuff said.

Admit it, you want some! Spam never looked so good.

I can almost smell this steak. This t-bone looks so appetizing.

I couldn’t help but smile when I saw this cake. Love the expression on this guy’s face. I’m thinking those are beignets on the plate. They look mouth watering and remind me of my many visits to Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans.

I’d love to own the real designer bag this cake was modeled after. Might be hard to tell the difference between the two.

How cute is this?? I’ve seen plenty of car cakes. I’m partial to pink and I like this particular car. so it’s a win-win for me. From a VW Bug to a DeLorean, Debbie’s done them all. Cakes, that is.

There are plenty of real dogs out there that wish they looked as good as this one. Incredible, isn’t it?

If gore is your thing, Debbie literally takes the cake. This is as good as it gets! I wouldn’t even attempt this, but it’s a cakewalk for Debbie Goard.

I’m not sure what this is, but it’s pure gore and I love it! And yes, it’s cake!

I wrote an entire post about scary head cakes but only one of them was scary for the right reasons (see for yourself and you’ll understand why). Needless to say, this cake is in a different category. It’s so real looking!

I’ve saved the best for last. Meet Chucky. This late 80’s iconic film character from the the movie ‘Child’s Play’ always scared the $@#%*&! out of me for good reason. He was supposed to be a little kid’s doll, but it turns out Chucky had a dark side! Doesn’t it look like he’s going to just leap up and stab you?

To see more of Debbie’s incredible work, visit www.debbiedoescakes.net. She has a great blog, too. And if you are like me and just can’t get enough, check out her Flickr page. Not only is Debbie talented, but she is a striking beauty, too. I love her sense of humor, but best of all, I like that she is so very genuine. Oh, and she plays the base guitar. And collects really neat stuff. She is one really cool gal, if I do say so myself.

Please Note: Many thanks to Debbie for allowing me to use her photos for this blog. Please respect the work of the artists who put their heart and soul into their creations and don’t publish photos that don’t belong to you without the express permission of their owner first.