On March 12, Apple began taking online orders at 8:30am for the new, much anticipated iPad. By 8:39, my husband and I had placed our orders and thus began the three week wait for the devices to arrive. Thankfully, Apple delivered as promised and one of the two arrived today (the 3G versions won’t be out for another few weeks). I’d like to thank my IT guy for putting up with me, well lots and lots of things, the iPad being just one of them.

What can I say? I like my toys, and the new iPad is no exception. The screen is large and much easier to see. The finish is standard Apple fare, sleek and smooth. It’s obviously heavier than my iPod Touch, but considerably light compared to a netbook or a laptop. I am in electronic heaven! I can’t wait for my 3G version to arrive. It will be fabulous to have online access everywhere without having to worry about using a MiFi or an aircard. I love the portability of it.

So here it is! Fresh out of the box and newly synched! My 3G arrives in the next few weeks, but my IT guy is allowing me to fondle his in the meantime.

New iPad