Here are a few of the cakes that have been keeping us working late into the night these past few weeks.  This is the busiest we’ve ever been, but it has also been the most challenging and fun as well.  With a variety of cake styles and designs in the works, we have our work cut out for us! Despite the extra long hours, we are really lucky to do what we love. I am grateful to everyone that helps me bring my ideas to life and to my loyal customer base who keeps presenting me with great challenges!

This whimsical topsy turvy cake was created for a 30th birthday celebration. I made a topper for the cake, not shown in this photo. It was a glittery number ’30’. Happy Birthday Margo! Original design by Sharon’s Cake Art.

Red roses and gems adorn this elegant wedding cake.

Red roses and gems adorn this elegant wedding cake. The center tier has a beautiful stenciled design hand painted in silver.

Here’s the perfect groom’s cake for a major Redskins fan.  This huge cake fed 150 guests. The cake sat on a board that was 30″ wide. Not visible in the photo is the texture on the cake which resembles the textured pattern on a real jersey.

This was the perfect wedding cake for Carolyn and Jason, a couple who are major fans of the Super Mario Brothers game.  The characters are all made of sugar.

These 175 colorful cupcakes were the perfect treat for a beautiful outdoor wedding.  Each cupcake was adorned with handmade sugar flowers.  The fresh flowers on the cupcake stand were the perfect touch!