A few weeks ago I delivered a cake to a hotel in Annapolis. When I arrived, the coordinator was concerned about the color of the logo on the top tier of the cake. After showing the cake to the bride, she asked me how she could change the color to another, or cover it up. The logo was black and it stood out too much against the soft ivory and champagne colors of the cake. I had no additional supplies on hand to make such a major change to the cake, and there was no time to take the cake back to the kitchen and redeliver in time for the reception.

I asked the coordinator if she knew of any cake decorating shops in the area. She handed me a business card she kept in her wallet and said there was a cupcake shop nearby. The reception was scheduled to start one hour before the cupcake shop was due to open. I called anyhow. Luckily for all of us, someone answered the phone! I explained the situation and asked if they would possibly allow me to come to their shop to recreate some lace appliques out of fondant so I could cover up the black logo. First off, most cupcake shops don’t have lace molds as these are mainly used on cakes. Secondly, they don’t often have fondant, since most cupcakes are decorated with buttercream. The woman who I spoke to said she’d have to call the owner and run it by her first. Within two minutes, the owner of the shop, Sharon White, returned my call and welcomed me to visit her shop and use whatever supplies I needed to get the job done. She just happened to have exactly what I needed and was happy to help me out.

I quickly drove over to Nostalgia Cupcakes, a very cute cupcake shop on Main Street in downtown Annapolis. The two young woman who were diligently making the day’s cupcakes supplied me with all the tools and materials I needed. I left with my lace molds all pressed and ready to apply over the logo of my cake, which I had left at the hotel. It took me only a few minutes to apply the lace to the cake and everyone was happy. I have no idea how I would have solved that problem without the help of a kind and generous stranger. If you are visiting Annapolis, stop by and visit the quaint shop for some delicious treats. I couldn’t help but notice the delicious cupcakes being baked and decorated around me. If I hadn’t been so focused on the task at hand, I would have definitely begged for some of the fabulous sweet treats.

Thank you, Sharon E. White and the staff at Nostalgia Cupcakes for helping a fellow cake decorator in a moment of dire need!

The final version of the cake. Looks beautiful and glamorous.