VERY! What better way to meet new and interesting, not to mention talented, cake designers than by calling them up and telling them you’d like to work with them. That’s how I met Wayne Steinkopf and Chuck Hamilton from Swank Cake Design in Carey, NC. I had seen their website and admired their beautiful, flawless cakes on more than one occasion. I finally just picked up the phone and gave them a call. My friend Sherry and I hopped in her snazzy, sleek sports car and headed south.

Wayne Steinkopf Meeting Wayne and Chuck was easy and comfortable. Both were warm, sweet, kind and welcoming. Best of all, Sherry and I learned so much and laughed a ton in the process.

Swank Cake Design’s immaculate and highly organized kitchen is filled with natural light that floods the room from a wall-to-ceiling window. What a great work space! Wayne is the main decorator and Chuck handles the business end. Wayne ices a cake like ‘nobody’s business’, a talent not all of us possess, at least not to his level of perfection. His work is very neat and clean, something I strive for in my own work and admire greatly in other people’s work. We worked on numerous techniques, Wayne exuding the patience of a Saint. Chuck was also funny and just as patient with us as well, tolerating our music preferences as we worked to the sounds of 80’s, 90’s (and best of all), 70’s disco hits! Swank Cake Design also has a beautiful showroom at a separate location that is home to their gorgeous collection of showpiece cakes. The showroom is the perfect environment to meet with clients and help them create masterful, unique designs, as well as provide sample tastings of their delicious cakes. I highly recommend the lemon poppyseed cake!

My goodness! Wayne iced this square cake in 90 seconds. It’s absolutely perfect!

This retro record player is so perfectly executed. I love the work that both Wayne and Chuck did on this cake. I think Chuck is in denial about his cake decorating abilities, LOL. He made the record out of poured sugar.

I encourage everyone, regardless of the kind of business you are in, to seek out your peers and learn from them – but also share what you know. It makes for a good time, great camaradarie, and lasting bonds between like minded people you will most certainly come to call ‘friends’.

Wayne recently participated in TLC’s new ‘Ultimate Cake Off’ competition. The show hasn’t aired yet, but my DVR is ready and waiting! Stay tuned to for a chance to see Wayne in action as he assists Ashley Vicos compete for the $10,000 grand prize.

Thank you Wayne and Chuck for a wonderful weekend, the laughs and the lessons. I appreciate you both and look forward to our upcoming project together! I’m very excited and simply can’t wait!

Swank Cake Design