Amy and Court of Fredericksburg, Virginia were the lucky winners of the free wedding cake giveaway! We received over 100 emails during the course of two weeks, all vying for the opportunity to win a free cake. There were so many moving and touching stories, making it very difficult for us to pick only one winner. The final decision was a matter of location, timing, number of servings, and of course, a great story.

Amy and Court had dated for nine years, that alone making them worthy of something special. Just days before the story aired about the free cake, Amy was informed that her baker would not be making her wedding cake because she had design limitations. Amy wasn’t particular and preferred simple designs. Her baker said she could only do one type of piping on the cake and left Amy stranded. I asked Amy what she liked in terms of a cake design and she said she would be happy with whatever I chose to do and trusted my judgement. She also shared with me her color palate which was ivory, champagne, and pink. I had alot of work to do that day, so I didn’t even get to her cake until 6pm. I must admit that I had no idea what I was going to do. I normally put together a sketch, but this time, I just started working on it without a specific plan or design in mind. I started at the bottom and worked my way up, not really sure what I’d be doing next. It took a total of 8 hours to complete the cake, but at 2am, the cake was finished and, at least to me, it looked fabulous!

The wedding is taking place today, and I can only imagine that both bride and groom are in the process of ‘glaming’ themselves up for their big event at this very moment. I wish Amy and Court a wonderful wedding celebration and many years of marital bliss! I also want to thank everyone who wrote in to share their triumphs and their tribulations with me. I wish I had a cake for each and every one of you.