I have always believed there is perfection in all things. We all strive for it no matter what it is we do. When it comes to making cakes, both baking and decorating, it is no different. While many cakes look fabulous on the outside, I’ve learned that they aren’t always as tasty on the inside. I spent two and a half years seeking the perfect scratch cake recipe – all natural, light, slightly buttery but not too much, tender, and most importantly, MOIST. It isn’t easy to produce a scratch cake that will stay moist over the course of two to three days while the cake is in the production stage. This has always been my biggest concern. My clients have always commented on how moist my cakes are. It comes from years of baking (I won’t say exactly how much, but lets just say I started at the age of 6), a love for all things sweet and ‘cakey’, and a passionate quest for perfection. While the latter is often elusive and may not even exist, I sure as heck do strive for it when I’m creating an edible masterpiece.

It took two and a half years to find the perfect recipe. I searched long and hard and cracked thousands of eggs. Yes, thousands. Two and a half years is a long time! I consulted with numerous pastry chefs, too. With a little faith and self coaxing, I found it all on my own and, with a little tweeking here and there, it’s just perfect! I share this with you because there are many folks out there who believe box cakes are the only way to go. They feel no scratch cake can withstand the test of time and freshness by comparison. For awhile, I wondered if this might just be true, however, the perfectionist in me refused to believe this was the case. So, here it is, folks. Here’s a picture of the PERFECT scratch cake. Those are my fingers holding a beautiful slice of my freshly baked cake for you to feast your eyes on. It’s delicious, if I do say so myself. I can’t take all the credit, though. While it helps to know the principles of baking and proper mixing, it is most important to use the freshest, finest ingredients you can find. With a little (ok, maybe alot) of perseverance, anything is possible!