Stenciled cakes really made a splash last year when they were featured in Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine. Brides began ordering them almost exclusively at one point. Since orders are placed so far in advance, it seems that all I have been making lately are stenciled cakes!

Stencils are great in the sense that they come in a variety of designs and patterns which create a very striking look on a cake. At an additional cost, stencils can be custom made to match just about anything. While this product is quite versatile in it’s design possibilities, it does take an experienced hand to apply it properly to a cake. There is no margin for error. One slight movement and the design is ruined. There is no scraping it off and re-applying, either. It’s a ‘one shot’ deal and you must get it right each time. Regardless, the outcome is worth the work as you can see in some of my latest creations.

A custom stencil was used in this design which was taken from the couple’s wedding invitation. With a great deal of time and patience, the design was hand painted in edible silver creating a very dramatic effect.  Westin Hotel, Baltimore.

This Damask pattern was the same one featured in Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine. I’ve made this same cake in a variety of colors and pattern combinations, and it is always produces a beautiful and elegant look.  The bride loves ladybugs, so I created a ‘Mr. and Mrs. Ladybug’ as a nod to her favorite little creatures.   Stone Manor Country Club, Middletown.

Mehndi Pattern

This custom stenciled was made for an Indian Wedding. The bride wanted Mehndi designs on her cake. Luckily, the stencil designer, who is also Indian, knew exactly what was required for this job as she was given total creative freedom. I like that each tier has a different design, but each one coordinates with the next and as a whole, the cake looks fabulous!  Antrim 1844, Taneytown.

Wedding Coordinator for all of the above events: Trisha Cranor,  Working Brides
Photography by:  Moi, (as in, me, Clara)