I have worked a great deal since I arrived in Miami almost two weeks ago. I have also enjoyed a few of the things I missed most from this ever-changing city. First and foremost, an afternoon at the beach. I love going in the late afternoon when the sun has quieted down and the water is warm. The noise of the crowds has died down and the sand is clear of endless beach towels.

To me, a visit to Miami is not complete without sampling some local Cuban food. I took my family to visit a small restaurant that has had the same cook for over 30 years. Even the decor remains the same way it was 27 years ago when I first dined there. I like the fact that this one little place remains unchanged, and in this case, it’s for the best. My favorite part of the meal was the dessert, a delicious flan, perfectly prepared – cold, creamy, and sitting in sugary sweet caramel. Years ago, a Cuban friend of mine who was a fantastic cook, taught me the secret to making an incredible flan. Just add a little cream cheese. That’s what makes it creamy and dense.

I was amazed at how many specialty cake shops I found in the most unlikely places. Given the competition, fondant cake prices are a great deal lower here. In Miami, cake decorating supplies shops are just about everywhere, offering imported items not found elsewhere. You just have to know where to look. I am in decorating cake heaven, to say the least!

I must also comment on the delicious cakes I tasted at We Take The Cake in Fort Lauderdale. I have to say it was absolutely divine!! This bakery has made cakes for many well known celebrities including Oprah. Moist and delicious on the inside AND beautifully decorated on the outside. Just the way I like it.

By far the best cake I’ve had in South Florida

Tina’s Original Cakes

Tina’s Original Cakes – Window Cake

Cake & Crepe Emporium by Isabel

Mr. Bee’s Cakes

A lazy, hazy afternoon on Miami Beach

Coarse sand.


Cuban steak served with a mound of mini fries (Bistec con papitas), Malta, toasted Cuban bread, salad and fresh lime. It is impossible to make a dent in this huge meal. One serving is enough for a family of four. $11.75 at Rio Crystal Restaurant.

Cuban style flan. My favorite!!!