Those of you over 30 will remember dancing to MC Hammer’s ‘Can’t Touch This’ although you may not want to admit it! Like me, you’ll be able to relate to this first photo. I was delivering my last cake of the day yesterday and noticed that numerous stop signs had something spray painted on them. I assumed it was the standard graffiti. It wasn’t until I was returning from the delivery that I paid closer attention. I started laughing out loud. While I don’t support the defacing of public property, I couldn’t help but be amused by what had been spray-painted on several stop signs along Comus Road. There are two wedding venues on this road which leads to Sugarloaf Mountain, the Comus Inn and Stronghold Mansion. I couldn’t resist pulling over to take a photo.

The cake was made for one of my couples who held their reception at the Stronghold Mansion. Luckily, the early morning rain had cleared just in time for the reception. I couldn’t help but notice the custom labels on the small wine bottles that adorned each place setting, designed to match the couple’s brown and coral color scheme.

Stop!  Hammertime






Just in case you’d like to reminisce, here’s a link to the video of MC Hammer’s famous hit. You probably owned a pair of similar pants. Admit it.