I have recently become obsessed with making French Macarons.  I was first introduced to macarons while visiting Paris as a teenager.  I thought they were exquisite.  Although the traditional macaron is made with almonds, the flavor combinations are endless.

I wanted to share my latest macaron craze to help inspire other devoted macaron lovers.  They are quite finicky and can be difficult to make.  My first batch looked great, but lacked the signature ‘feet’, the frilly crust at the bottom.  I was determined to get it right no matter what it took!  Lucky for me, I nailed it on my second attempt.  I was so excited!  Once I got started, though, I couldn’t stop.  I made them in a variety of colors (my favorite were the pink ones, of course) and filled them with chocolate ganache.  

Try one and you, too, will be macaron obsessed!

Macaron Success

Green & Pink Macarons

A special thanks to Melena and Veronica from Veronica’s Test Kitchen for their advice.