Here is one of my favorite cakes from last weekend.  I had the honor of making a cake for a charming couple, Matt and Nicole. Nicole told me that she had made just about all of the decisions regarding the wedding decor. In return, Matt had free reign over the design of the wedding cake. Given his passion for comic book super heros, Matt chose a design that would showcase his interests. He special ordered some of his favorite Batman characters in just the right size to adorn the four tier cake. This was definitely a different kind of wedding cake, and it quickly became the highlight of the evening, but only until the bride arrived. Nicole was absolutely stunning! I was fortunate enough to see them both before the ceremony, a rare opportunity for me. Not very visible in the photos is the red and silver glitter that added that little something extra to the Gotham City skyline.

Gotham City Cake

Gotham City Cake 2

Photos courtesy of Lidia Miller Photography.