I was delivering a cake this weekend, when I spotted a bride getting ready to leave after her reception.  She was chatting with some of her guests in the parking lot.  I couldn’t help but notice the pink crocs she was wearing underneath her wedding dress.  Those of you who know me, know I absolutely LOVE my crocs.  Since pink is my favorite color, and it’s also my business color, pink crocs are definitely an important part of my daily working attire!  I used to hate the way these shoes looked on women.  I found them to be extremely unflattering, bulky and just plain ugly – until I slipped my foot into one.  I now own all kinds of styles and colors.  I’ve even tiled a floor wearing them!

I figured if brides can get married in sneakers, flip flops, boots and platform shoes, why not crocs?   My sincere thanks to this bride who so graciously allowed me to photograph her for this blog post.