Need a spectacular wedding gown but have a limited budget?  Not sure what to do with your used wedding gown?  Don’t want to keep it but hate to toss it?  Getting a divorce and need room in your closet for your new wardrobe?  Are you a retailer wanting to donate excess inventory?  Need a tax write off??

Donate your gown to Brides Against Breast Cancer (BABC).  This wonderful organization recycles used wedding gowns by selling them to the public via large organized sale events held throughout the country.  Half of the gowns offered for sale at these events are brand spanking new wedding gowns that are donated by their designers, manufacturers and retail stores. 

Feeling generous?  Help make a cancer patient’s wish come true by making a donation to grant their particular request, be it to visit family or a computer to enable them to do research on their particular disease.  There is so much more to this great website.  Please take a moment to visit:

One of my oldest and closest friends, Lety Katz, is a breast cancer survivor.  We have known each other since we were in our teens.  We have seen each other through many firsts -marriage, babies, divorce, and everything in between.  I am always amazed at her unfaltering spirit and her never-ending sense of humor, no matter what the situation.  I know no one else like her, and only hope to have her in my life for many years to come.  She has undergone so many surgeries, that I have lost count.  I could only wish for an ounce of her courage and determination.  She is a great mother, sister, daughter and best friend.  I love you, Lety.