I have been on a much needed vacation and loving it.  I attended the ICES Convention in Orlando a few weeks ago.  I loved the interesting demos and how well the convention was organized.  For the first time, Mike McCarey was in attendance and presented the yearning public with the first of his new ‘how to’ DVD series.  This is probably the most detailed DVD I’ve seen so far.  Two full hours that include EVERY single step of the process involved in making a car cake.  I am looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

 Minette Rushing had a very nice display of beautiful cakes at her booth where she advertised her cake decorating classes in her Savannah shop.  She is hosting Ron Ben Israel and Elisa Strauss, both top decorators and worth the trip to Georgia.


Bronwen Webber presented her new line of cake stands and armatures along with her own line of modeling chocolate. 

Many vendors raised their prices above their usual retail price, which left a great deal of people wondering if this was the best place to shop for their cake decorating gadgets.   I found the same items I purchased at Convention for a lot less online from the some of the same vendors!  Go figure.  With each passing year, the ICES Organization seems to target the home baker rather than those in the business of cake decorating.  You can, however, get your ‘cake on’ at Convention given the big names that attend.  It’s a great opportunity to meet your favorite cake decorators in person and learn a new techinique here and there. 

If parting with large sums of hard earned cash is for you, then you should definitely plan a trip to the convention next year in Chicago.   Be prepared for the obligatory grace and prayers in public before every organized gathering where a meal is served.  Attendees of any non-Christian faith will most likely be uncomfortable, if not offended.  This is one aspect of the organization that needs a desperate overhaul.  ICES continues to ignore requests from members that they become more diverse in their thinking considering it touts itself as an ‘international’ organization.  If the recital of the entire Lords Prayer before breakfast offends you, you may want to pass.

On a more positive note, kudos to the designers of the Wall-E cake on display in the cake room.  It was the most amazing cake I’ve seen in awhile.  The cake was HUGE and the detail work was so realistic.  It was approximately three and a half feet in height.  It was just like the real thing!  I took this photo with my blackberry phone because my SD cards were all full.  


The staff of the Contemporary was very gracious and welcoming.  The poor building is showing great signs of wear – a bit of a shocker considering it’s a Disney hotel.  Even during their busiest moments, everyone was friendly and accommodating.  The demos were very well organized and the many ICES volunteers made sure everything ran smoothly and on time.


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